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General Questions

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Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, we do offer a free initial consultation.  It allows both of us a chance to determine if our services are a good fit to your situation.

How do you keep up with the latest tax laws?

Tax laws are always changing.  We stay up to date by reading journals, newsletters and by taking continuing education as required by our firm.

Finance Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

How do you determine your fee to prepare my return(s)? Is it a fixed fee or an hourly rate?

We use a price sheet to set pricing for many common items of our accounting and tax services.  Projects can also be arranged at a set price.  However, some projects and work is difficult to assess and will be billed based on a time and billable hours.  We outline the important terms of our work in a document called an engagement letter which we send to you which outlines the work to be completed as well as the fee arrangement.

When do you require payment?

Fees are usually payable in advance as a retainer and balance in completion. Some work may be billed on a retainer type arrangement (down payment) but the remainder is either progress billed or billed upon completion.  Any other terms regarding payment will need to be requested in advance.

Can I contact you after tax season if needed regarding my return?

Of course!  Our firm is a wealth of information and we hope to establish an ongoing relationship with you and your family.  Whether you have tax related questions or other financial related questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  If we don’t know, we can refer to to the appropriate professional who will.

Information Technology Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

Will you store my tax information? How will it be stored and for how long?

We store a copy of your your tax return and the working papers to prepare the return electronically for seven years.  We recommend that you keep your copy of your return and original documents for the same time period.

Who will prepare my return? Will it be you or someone else in your office?

Our firm operates on a tiered team based approach.  The person you interact with will likely be part of team that will be working on your return.  We operate in a way to be efficient and cost effective to deliver you an accurate tax return and/or accounting services.

Do you outsource any of your services?

Yes, we do outsource some of our tax preparation services.  Most of our tax return and accounting work is completed by firm employees.

We work in collaboration with a small ca(z) firm, tax preparation can sometimes be outsourced.

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